Monday, November 9, 2009

Stuff I knitted for the baby!

So lots of people have been asking me if I am knitting stuff for the baby and the answer is, "of course!" Here are some of the projects I've knitted so far. Many, many more to come!

Baby hats and mittens, probably for friends and maybe for me too.

Baby booties and socks.

Baby sweater. I made this one in case I was having a boy, but it is unisex! Designed totally by me. And this was tough. I used Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top, which, by the way, is NOT easy to follow!

Baby sweater for a girl. I made this first. I got the idea for it when I first got pregnant. Designed it myself.

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  1. You've been very busy! The baby clothes are so cute, Hannah!