Monday, April 18, 2011

The Latest on Double J and the rest of us!

So I've started calling my daughter Double J because her two middle names start with J. So I'll probably just refer to her as that or Double from now on... :-)

So she's getting enormous--a full blown toddler. She only will eat what she can pick up with her hands with VERY few exceptions. She's a little picky, but for the most part, if she can pick it up, she will eat it.

She's learned some sign language and is using words more (yay!). She can say Mama, Dada, and Mow for the cat (like meow hehe).

She's walking so stablely and getting into everything! To the point where we've had to implement timeouts. It's not the easiest, but it has been working. She also hates her diaper changes, which I guess is common at that age.

I've been sick with pnuemonia for over 3 weeks now. I'm (hopefully) mostly recovered at this point and back to work, but still coughing and questionable at times. I've barely moved and certainly not exercised in that entire time. But I don't want to push myself because this sucks. It's unexplainable how tired and unwell I feel even if I look and seem ok. ugh! No fun! Finished Round 2 of antibiotics yesterday.

And... we are moving into our new house on Saturday!!! My in-laws are flying in to help us pack and babysit and unpack and clean and everything and it's going to suck so much less than usual! Hooray!! The movers come Saturday and I'm hoping my inlaws are ok with packing everything in the house because I will be at work and someone will have to take care of Double while the rest packs... We haven't so much as put one thing into a box yet, so hopefully they will get it all done in just 2 days! Ack! Not looking forward to the stress, but thankful they will be helping us!

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