Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No longer in the pregnancy club :-(

It's so weird for me to not be pregnant anymore. Nine whole months of inspecting the bellies of pregnant women and noticing every pregnant woman in sight. Then, one day I was pregnant and the next day I wasn't any more and now I'm no longer in the club. It's not like when I was pregnant I spent a lot of time talking to other pregnant women, it's just that people noticed more and gave me seats or were more considerate of me and other pregnant women took notice and we had a common bond. I wasn't just some regular non-pregnant woman. I knew what they were going through. I could give them a sympathetic nod that said, "I feel your pain" and my belly would say all the rest. Now, I see hugely pregnant women that could easily have had the same due date as me and not yet given birth. And, I'm no longer one of them.

I met someone like that last week. She was actually due the day before me and hadn't yet had her baby and I was sitting on the couch with my baby who was already more than a week old. What a weird feeling!

I guess I just need to join the baby club. Now I notice mothers and their babies way more than I did before, so I guess that I now need to embrace that club.

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