Monday, September 27, 2010

Amelia's first everything!

So the past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for our family. And the craziness is only half over. We have to move next. But that's another story... Amelia took her first plane ride 2 Wednesday's ago when we took her back to Indiana for a wedding. She ended up taking a total of 4 plane rides before the end of last week. She did mostly great except on one where she was up very late at night and did not want to go to sleep. She met her giant extended family there and got passed off to about a billion cousins and aunts and friends and random people and she did great! She met her cousin Wilson for the first time (see photo above). He's just 2 months younger than she is.

My parents and extended family also came up to meet/see Amelia. We did a dedication for her at the church where we got married and invited lots of family and friends to come. It ended up being more than 50 people that came to see her and us!

We got to see some new and interesting aspects of Amelia's personality that we didn't know and it helped to have our moms there to give some perspective. For one, she LOVES attention from people. Even from our first hour in the airport she would stare people down and smile at them, hoping to get their attention. I have no doubts that when she can talk she'll be saying, "hey! Hey you! Look at me! Look over here!" She smiled at everyone and just loved being the center of it all. She smiled for the camera pretty much every time and really hammed it up. Adorable. And, not surprisingly, my mom said that's how I was when I was a baby. Yep. Not surprised. Needs and loves attention. Shocking!

She also is sitting up pretty good now and is going to crawl any day now. She's regularly eating solid foods and really doing a great job with that. Unfortunately, she is still suffering from her first cold. The whole family got sick the last 2 days of vacation--we think from passing her around and kissing her over and over again--lots of people, lots of kissing. It's like she's a magnet for germs. Strangely, she didn't get sick until she caught it from me. She tried to put my nose in her mouth when it was runny and, yeah, gross, she got it the next day. Also not surprising. But sad because she has a cough and is all stuffed up. Poor baby! She's also having some issues with sleeping because of it too. Thankfully it isn't affecting me too terribly though.

The trip overall was pretty stressful for me. It pushed me to the limits of my anxiety. But, I didn't have trouble sleeping and that means I coped with it well an my coping skills are improving. I even slept on an air mattress in the same room as the baby! Good for me! Thanks also to my amazing husband who helped out when things were really hard for me and still is.

Hopefully once we get through Amelia's first move (this Sunday) we will be able to get back into a routine and I can again taper down my meds even more without issue. The road to recovery is slow, but there is hope! And I'm getting close!

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