Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Maybe the pregnancy hormones are catching up with me, but everything seems to be annoying me! I am quickly alienating relatives with my blunt rants about how people did or didn't find out. I guess that means they don't know that I often rant and rave out loud without always meaning anything behind it.

At any rate, my ranting and raving has become much louder and maybe more agitated, hence causing sensitive people to have their feelings hurt. Which I don't mean. Of course I don't mean it. I love you guys!

At the same time, everything is annoying me. Either I'm too hungry or I'm too full. There is no middle ground. I'm too sick or too hot or too tired or too cold or too busy or too bored or too something! And I can't concentrate at work or at home, for that matter. And I can't blame it on pregnancy, even though I would love to, because I still want to be seen as a legitimate employee. I can't make decisions and I feel overwhelmed (usually a by-product of too much busy-ness, which I seem to be encountering). And, I have no idea what to do about it, other than express my constant annoyance, if only via this blog!

I constantly feel stressed and agitated--when a coworker stops by my desk, when I have to go to the bathroom for the 75th time, when someone cuts me off in traffic (if I'm not so tired I barely notice it), when I am impatient. Argh...

I guess I must be suffering from hormones, I guess. I never wanted to take it out on so many people (and yet not take it out on so many people--sorry people) in my life!

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