Monday, August 24, 2009

Created a Baby Fund

So, in anticipation of baby showers that will take place in December or sometime around there, I have created a fund for baby items.

We will still probably register, but mainly for smaller items, like onesies, creams, and towels. Since we live far away from many friends and family, it will be easier on them, and us, if they give us small gifts or no gifts at all and simply donate to the fund, if they wish to give us something. That way, we can purchase the bigger items that will cost a LOT of money more easily.

We want to buy a fairly expensive stroller, mainly because we want a jogging stroller with off-road capabilities so we can go hiking with it and also jog with it! Those are usually pretty pricey. I will also need a fairly expensive breast pump so I can be sure to pump fast and efficiently during work hours. There are probably other things we haven't even thought of yet, too! I know we'll need a crib and maybe some additional furniture, although we'll try to keep those to a minimum. And, we prefer to get most of the stuff used (since people around here buy the most expensive baby stuff and want to sell it when they are done with it, since it is still nice) rather than new, so if someone wanted to buy it for us new, we'd prefer they didn't and just gave us the money to buy a nice used one!

So, donations can start whenever, but, of course, I'm not asking for them--it's just I'd prefer that to a gift. Of course, gifts won't be refused--especially something handmade or heartfelt! I just know I've been to so many baby showers and had no idea what to buy. Usually, I just defaulted to clothes. Registries seem so impersonal and I'd rather get them something they really need! So, hopefully, this helps with that anxiety. Here's the website:

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