Friday, August 21, 2009

If this was 2005, this baby could still be a secret!

Well, Tuesday was Dr's appointment #2. My mother and Aaron's mother were anxiously awaiting the go-ahead to tell people.

As soon as I the appointment was over and we got the all clear. I called my mom who promptly told the people she was with. My mother-in-law, though, had a list a mile long of who she was going to call. So, Aaron was in charge of calling his brothers then calling his mother to give her the go ahead to make the calls. Aaron hadn't been on the phone 10 minutes when his brother had posted it on Facebook. His side of the family uses Facebook extensively. I called his brother to ask him to take it down at least until the rest of the family could hear it by phone. But, it was too late. Someone had already seen his post.

Then, the rest of the family immediately got on Facebook to offer their congratulations. All my friends started finding out through facebook. I was hoping to wait a few more weeks before telling my facebook friends, but oh well! Such is life... in the modern technology age...

Turns out, though, for all the people on Aaron's side and all my friends and such that found out via Facebook, my mother never even called my aunts and uncles! So I broke the news to one uncle via email. I called my grandpa, uncle, and aunt on the other side. My aunt wasn't home, so I told her husband, my uncle. Then, he forgot to tell her and she later heard it from her son who announced, "Hannah's pregnant"! Funny!

At any rate, if this was still 2005 (before Facebook and Myspace took off), this could still be a secret and I wouldn't have to pre-emptively announce to everyone I've ever met that yes, I am pregnant. And then my baby would be 3 or 4 years old!

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  1. That's not fair, Hannah. Remember, I was out of town and distracted with other people and activities. Did you enjoy calling the aunts and uncles?