Monday, September 21, 2009


My whole life I've loved food. I don't really ever say no to food and I basically like all foods. I will try anything once (except, maybe, insects).

Since I got pregnant, I feel like this has been heightened slightly. I knew food would be different when I was pregnant, but I was unprepared for how. During the first trimester, I was grossed out by foods I ordinarily loved and stuck to grilled cheese for about a month. Then, as the morning sickness wore off, I began to be obsessed with food. I would think about it all the time--craving one thing or another. Deciding I HAD to have ice cream, cookies, cake (almost always something sweet) RIGHT NOW! To satisfy all my cravings, I cooked a lot--food I was craving, sweets I was craving, etc.

Now, I'm realizing that sugary stuff makes me feel sick and I want to eat healthier anyway, so I'm not spending as much time thinking about eating food. Now, I am constantly thinking about making food--about what I will cook for dinner, what I can make-ahead for a party, or simply make for snacks. I spend hours looking at recipes for just about anything and everything my husband or I ever wanted to eat. I'm obsessed with health, too. I read page after page of books and websites dedicated to food information, pregnancy nutrition, and other food-related topics.

I can't stop think about obtaining food. Whereas I found it difficult to even enter a grocery store during the 1st trimester, now I make endless lists of what I want to buy at the grocery store. I look forward to the farmer's market, making a lists of what I want to buy 6 days before! I am obsessed with planting a garden, even though there are a limited number of things I can plant in mid-September. All I want to do is grow, buy, and make food for me and my husband. I guess they call that nesting?

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