Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Naked Belly Button...

No new pics just yet. I've been slacking on the uploading. I blame it on work.

Today marks a milestone of sorts for me. I am 16 weeks today, or 4 months for those who don't want to do the math. Technically, it would mark 3.5 months (due to the automatically added 2 weeks since LMP) or slightly less given that a month is actually 30-31 days instead of 28, but I digress.

After reading some particularly horrifying stories about belly-button ring scars from pregnancy, I decided I would take mine out at 4 months. I read online about a girl who waited until 5 months and she had a big scar, so I am trying to be pre-emptive.

And, now my belly button is naked. I haven't seen it without rings in more than 6 years! I got my second belly button piercing about 6-7 years ago and the first about a year before that. Now I just have 4 slightly big holes surrounding my belly button and it feels and looks naked!

Other updates:
-Haven't felt movement yet, but I'm told it should start soon.

-Had a Dr's appointment yesterday and everything is looking good. Baby was moving around alot when the Dr. used the doppler to listen to the heartbeat. She said it's an active baby, which isn't at all surprising, but is so exciting because it's our first window into little Kirk's personality. Hooray! An active child! That means lots of hikes and trips to the zoo and running around and doing super fun stuff until we are all tired. Fun!!

-I'm getting bigger. Wearing maternity pants on and off now. I made myself 3 "maternity" skirts and I'll probably make one more. I wear mostly those and dresses and, when I want to wear pants, maternity pants, even though they are still a bit big. Shirts are starting to get tighter, so that's alarming... better get to work on making some of those.

-Latest semi-offensive comment about my size: "You look like you are so big you are going to have twins." Um. Thanks. I'm not even 4 months yet. I'm right on target and I know I can't look that big yet, people! Sheesh.

-I scheduled my ultrasound for October 13. That's when we get to find out the sex! I CAN'T FRIGGIN' WAIT!

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