Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Found an Alternative Baby Registry for Handmade stuff!!

I am so excited, I found this website in Fit Pregnancy magazine and it answers all my problems for how I tell my friends to get me something sentimental and handmade! It's an alternative baby registry!!!!

Actually it's for gifts of any kind, but this way I can specify things like, "Handmade baby blanket" or "Homemade meal after baby is born" or "second-hand stroller" so I don't get people going out and buying me a bunch of new stuff I don't need. Great, right!!! I'm super psyched about this and I've already started one. Of course, there will be a few rather expensive items on there and I put "cash - $25" as one, too. But this is just because I want to avoid people buying me gift cards. I would rather have the cash so that I can buy stuff I need where I choose or second hand.

If you'd like to see ours you can get to it here. I love this idea WAY more than the baby fund!!

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