Monday, October 19, 2009

I am an imposter!

I registered for some basics at Babies R Us this weekend with my mom. It was really my first time in the store and my first pass through the baby stuff in person (I've been doing most of my research online).

While there, the only other people I saw in the store were confused-looking people holding registry pages, presumably buying their baby shower gifts, new parents with strollers, and giant (and I mean GIANT) pregnant women. I looked at them with their enormous bellies, looked down at my comparatively tiny belly (if I even looked pregnant to them) with my registry gun in hand and thought, "I feel like an imposter!" Here I am, barely 5 months pregnant, already registering and these women are in their last weeks, waddling around, picking up last minute items before baby arrives, and I'm leisurely walking around with my gun in hand without a care in the world!

I guess I'll be them soon enough!

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