Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I want to write a journal... Need ideas...

Hi, all, after seeing the baby on the ultrasound and feeling her move a lot inside, I really want to start writing some notes for her. Like, what it's like to be pregnant with her and personal, sappy stuff about how much I like feeling her kick, love her, and all that crap that you don't want to read on my blog, but I feel like I should put somewhere. Any ideas?

Should I just get out any spare journal, even if I already started writing it in and just go for it? I kinda think so. Or should I just write them on post-its and shove it in the baby book? or get a new book? This really shouldn't be such a tough decision!

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  1. Hannah! They have pregnancy journals that you could buy. Some of them are more about whats going on with the development with the baby but I found a couple where its more about you sharing/writing down your pregnancy.

    Look around I'm sure you will find one just right for you!