Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I guess I've hit hormonal...

So, yeah, along with the 19 week excitement of feeling the baby move and the thrill of finding out the gender today has come the celebrated hormonal rages of a pregnant lady... *sigh*

I really thought I might escape it. So far, other than a little extra road rage, I've really suffered no major hormonal outbursts. I would say that I can FEEL the hormones raging inside at times--because I feel like a teenager--passionate and alive, which I noticed decreasing in my body at the age of 22, but I had managed to escape a true outburst.

That is, until last night...

Without going into all the details that will probably set me off yet again, we had this TV console that we were trying to get rid of and, after 2 no shows and a person who said looked at it and never came back, I was getting really sick of having it in my house. Between that and the numerous posts on Craigslist, follow-up phone calls, arranging times, holding the item, and waiting for a person every night who never showed up, the stress got to me.

First, we'd tried selling it for a modest $25. Then giving it away for free. In both cases, it was a huge struggle to get people to come and take it away. The weekend and then this week has been and will be very busy. We've had 3 hospital tours in 3 days, a play, a football game, and work. Today is our huge dr's appointment and Aaron leaves for the midwest on Thursday--the same day as my mom arrives from Georgia.

So, when again last night, someone came to look at the unit, claimed they needed a truck, and then left and never came back, I had had enough. I felt stressed from repeatedly listing and rearranging my nights around Craigslist people and I just wanted the unit out of my house. It was the last straw. I couldn't sleep and instead got up and started yelling, screaming, and crying my eyes out over it. No. Really. I am insane.

Finally, I convinced Aaron to put the thing outside our house and I posted the address on Craigslist at 11:30 at night saying it was outside. I went to bed crying and wailing some more.

By 7:45am this morning, it was gone. I had an email at 1:45 from the person who took it--she had disassembled it and hauled it away in the middle of the night.

Of course, I felt a bit sheepish this morning. That and total, unreasonable elation that someone finally took it away. Yes, I think the hormones have finally caught up with me. I should have realized it when pictures of babies made me well up on Saturday. Look out world, the crazy woman has arrived!

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