Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 37: So much is happening!

This week has been very eventful to say the least!

My maternity started this week (YAY!) I'm finally free! I've been trying so hard to accomplish so many things on my list, but I seem to be falling a bit behind. I've been very tired this week--I think it's because I'm used to being sedentary and now I've been up and about every day all day--running errands, doing things around the house, and working out. I'm trying to cut back on my activity level a little bit, but it's tough for me because I like to squeeze as many things into a day as I possibly can and it's hard for me to acknowledge I need to slow down.

I finished most of the stuff for the baby's arrival--I set up the cosleeper, washed and organized all the baby blankets, wraps, clothes and more, including making my own closet extender--the kind of thing where an extra rod hangs below the main closet rod for you to hang more clothes on. I went to the hardware store and bought a rod about the same size, drilled holes in it, and hung the rod with string from the main rod. Then I organized the clothes by size and put little size reminders before and after each of the sizes, so I wouldn't get them mixed up in the future. It looks so cute! I also made 3 sheets for the cosleeper and I'm currently trying to finish some changing pad covers.

I returned a number of items to Babies R Us and got my hospital bag ready, but most of my time has been spent, it seems, in trying to tie up loose ends in my husband's job. His last day is Friday (the 19th) and we needed to spend all the money in our Flex spending account (we've paid a great deal into it already because we put a lot in to begin with due to the baby) and work out last-minute financial details. So I managed all of that. How stressful!

Next week Aaron will be home all week and I'm not looking forward to sharing my space every day all day. I like it better when I can get things done on my own. So, part of my rush to complete things this week was to get things done that are easier to accomplish with him gone. That way I can focus on the positives of having him home next week. It will be nice to have someone to do some things around the house for me. I just hope it doesn't make me lazy!

Otherwise, most everything is done and ready for baby! We take a diapering class this weekend and get our first delivery of cloth diapers next week. She's been kicking and poking me a lot, so I think she's starting to feel ready to come out. I still think it will be awhile though. I haven't experienced one contraction or anything that made me think she'd be coming out any time soon. The doctor says she is measuring back to average for her week, but they still think she'll be over 8 lbs for sure if we make it to 40 weeks!

A number of friends and family members who were pregnant and due around right now have all had their babies, so it looks like I'm next. Aaron is very excited and says he can't wait for the little baby. I, on the other hand, am starting to feel a bit apprehensive about how much my life is going to change. I'm enjoying my free time off so much and feeling stressed trying to manage getting things ready and his job loss that I am starting to wonder if I can handle a baby, too... But I am getting excited to meet her, so that's good. Lots of mixed emotions these days!

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