Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 38: Nearly there!

Wow... week 38. I never thought I'd get this far. At least, I couldn't imagine it. I suppose I knew it would come eventually since I've maintained since the beginning that baby will be coming late.

My husband has now been off of work and we have done a few baby things. We took a diapering class over the weekend to learn how to use cloth diapers that we'll be getting through a diaper service. We also toured the hospital where I'll be giving birth. It's pretty nice, actually, and answered a lot of my questions in a very timely way. I can now update my birth plan and make sure my hospital bag has everything in it I need.

On Monday we shopped for baby jogging strollers and learned quite a bit. We found an amazing store in San Bruno, CA called Lullaby Lane. Unfortunately for them we won't be able to spend all our money there because we got about $600 in Babies R Us gift certificates, so we will be buying our stuff there, but I want to go back and spend what I can there, because they deserve it! It's a great small business with lots of items actually out so you can play with them, see how they work--all that good stuff. They have the same stuff as Babies R Us, but you can actually try it. The staff really know their stuff, so we were able to ask a lot of questions and get a lot of answers. I'm not affiliated with the store at all, but I just thought it was so great that it was worth mentioning if anyone lives in the area and is looking for this kind of store. I think I know what stroller to get now. YAY! Who knew they could be so much fun?!

As for baby stuff, at my appointment this week they say baby is measuring fine for her size, has a good heartbeat, and is doing great. Of course, she's getting a little cramped in there (as evidenced by the fact that she now presses on my ribs semi-regularly with her feet), but she's healthy and strong and I love it! I'm starting to feel tired. Aaron and I went on a 2 mile hike that was not very strenuous and mostly flat and it about wore me out yesterday. For the rest of the day I was waddling slowly and my hips and back kind of hurt. I feel like an old woman! And, I'm starting to have to pee about every 45 minutes or so. Not so fun, but at least I'm sleeping a little more these days, which is good! I'm trying to rest up while I can.

This week I'm planning to finish up a few more sewn items, run a few errands with my husband, and start preparing meals to freeze ahead for the future. We'll see how far I get!

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