Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All kinds of random stuff...

Today is a spill-my-guts kind of post. I have so much to get out!

First, I had a shower on Sunday. It was amazing. Everyone painted onesies (and my friends are SOOO creative--they turned out great) and I got a ton of amazing gifts. I can't believe that everyone got me gifts! My friends are so generous. Not that I won't need the gifts, because money is tight right now, so I am very, very thankful!

Second, a new development with Baby today: she kicked my ribs for the first time! I know I shouldn't be so excited about this, but it didn't hurt and I've been waiting for it my whole pregnancy when she'd be big enough to do it. I guess now she's big enough! She has already been kicking my hip from the inside, which is one I don't hear many pregnant ladies talk about. But it feels both cool and kinda scary, like she's going to knock it out of it's socket!

Third: new symptoms. I'm suddenly VERY tired lately. That's new. I just want to sleep and nap all the time. And, while I sleep, my HIPS hurt. That one is really strange. When I turn sides while I'm sleeping I feel weird pains in the bottom of my uterus and I think it's because the baby is so big, my uterus and the ligaments connecting it to my body are all stretching. Yesterday I felt weird pains in that area and I wondered if it didn't maybe mean the baby had dropped. Although, nothing else really seems lower, so it would be hard to say.

Fourth: more work annoyances. This time, I'm caught between two managers. I'm just trying to get my work done and every time I send an email to the "other" "new" team, my manager sends me an email asking me why I sent the email. Lord have mercy, it is annoying. The other manager sends me emails asking me what I'm working on and then asks me if it falls into his group or my manager's group. And I really have no idea what to tell him. Then my manager copies me on all these emails to him asking him what I should be responsible for. I'm just like, just tell me when you figure it out! Stop dragging me into your stupid manager war! Ugh. I cannot WAIT to go on maternity leave in 1 week and 4 days.

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