Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bad News about Aaron's Job

Aaron just found out today that he's going to be laid off in 3 weeks. That means his last day would be February 19. His boss and boss' boss are trying to help him find another job in the company, but I don't know how likely it is that he can find a job. Hopefully he can and that will be the end of it, but if he doesn't, then he only gets about 6 weeks severance pay (which is great, except that it will be exactly coinciding with the birth of our daughter and my leave, making it harder for him to concentrate on finding a job). If he doesn't find any job at that time, then I will probably have to go back to work earlier and that means the pressure is on me to be the major income earner in the family and all the benefits have to be through me and everything! I'm really worried he won't find one for a while and it will be all on me (and the financial burden of the baby will strain our finances)...

Aaron seems not at all worried about it, but I am very upset. This combined with all the problems that have been happening with my boss I can't imagine trying to shorten my leave at this point.

And, I know this is totally selfish, but I was really hoping that the maternity leave time that I was off--at least in the beginning--would be mine. I go on leave on February 12, so he'll pretty much be off at the exact same time as me, which will be great after the baby is born, but not so great if he doesn't find a job and I have to immediately go back to work.

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