Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 33: Starting to get ready

After a fairly stressful encounter with my boss last week, I decided that it might be less stressful for me to work from home so I didn't have to go into the office everyday and face her and other stressors. I talked to my midwife about it and she agreed. She wrote a note recommending that I work from home because of signs of preterm labor. They hooked me up to the machines and everything to check. Now, don't panic! Everything is fine. I haven't been having contractions or anything, but if I get too stressed out I really could put myself and the baby at risk. My boss agreed to let me work from home unless I have an important meeting I need to be in the office for, so I feel relieved! Only 3 weeks left until I can go on maternity leave and now I can spend most of those days in my pajamas!

Some friends of mine are throwing me a shower next weekend and they want to paint onesies at the shower. So I went through all the clothes and other items I have gotten already to determine what size onesies they should buy and realized that I have a number of items in newborn and small sizes, especially onesies, but that I need the larger sizes. It was pretty fun going through all the baby stuff I have already, if a little overwhelming trying to think about organizing it all!

I am really anxiously awaiting maternity leave, and hoping that baby doesn't come early, so I can properly prepare for her arrival! I have so much left to get for her--a place to sleep, a changing pad, a breast pump, all sorts of bottles, but I really can't go shopping for these things either until I have my showers. I'm really having trouble hanging out at home and not having stuff ready! I guess I'm ready for that nesting instinct to kick into high gear, and for me to have the luxury of time to indulge it!

In other news, I've stopped knitting baby socks because I seem to suddenly have about 20 pairs of them (not all ones I knitted though)! Now I'm on to knitting diaper covers and wool soakers for her out of fun-colored yarn and I'm sewing some yummy bamboo baby washcloths and hooded towels. I bought the bamboo terry awhile ago and it is absolutely one of my most favorite fabrics ever! I am also sewing a few baby slings--one for me and one for a friend. Should be fun, quick projects that will use up lots of the fabric I've collected for baby!

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