Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 34: The Aches and Pains Begin

Well, I must say up until now I've had very little complain about physically in pregnancy, but this week my body seems to be falling apart!

First, (this started a few weeks ago), my foot hurts on and off. It all started with an uncomfortable shoe. I'm the queen of uncomfortable shoes. I've worn terrible shoes most of my adult life including the cheapest high heels money can buy, but I have gotten much better lately. Normally, when I wear a shoe and have a little pain, it goes away when the shoe comes off. If it's persistent, it'll stay for an hour. If I walked in the uncomfortable shoe for a whole day (like on a Europe trip), my feet might be sore for a day. Well, apparently pregnancy has changed all that because this pair, which had decent support and minor discomfort caused foot pain lasted for nearly a week! For the first two days I could barely walk. Now, it still comes back a little if I do a lot of walking. What is going on?!

Second, yesterday I hurt my knee. "How?" you ask. Kneeling. Yes. Kneeling. I kneeled, sitting on my heels for about 1 minute and when I got up my knee hurt so badly I could barely walk. I tried putting ice on it and resting it and walking on it and nothing seemed to help. Today it's much better, but holy cow, it scared me! I guess I really need to watch out because that relaxin hormone in my body is no joke! I've suddenly become fragile! That word never applied to me before.

Third, I think I'm getting some weird nausea symptoms again. I feel both hungry and nauseous at the same time most days. I eat and then feel sick or stuffed. But I feel sick or stuffed when I have gnawing hunger pains too. I'm confused, so I just eat a whole bunch and that normally helps!

Fourth, I won't go into detail, but some of the uglier symptoms of pregnancy have been appearing. What have I gotten myself into?!

In other news, I started doing some more research on cloth diapering. We planned to use a diaper service, but when I did more research on how to wash cloth diapers and examined the cost of that with the diaper service, I could save about $40 a month washing them myself. So I am probably going to try to do cloth diapering (prefolds. All the other types are too complicated) on my own and then if it's too hard, I'll do the service.

Lately, I've been really trying to be more frugal and it's a good thing because we found out this week that my husband is going to be laid off in three weeks. During that time, he will look for a job internally, but if he doesn't find anything he gets a little severance (not much though). It's pretty crappy as it coincides directly with my maternity leave, which will be a bit of a financial strain as it is. We will be ok. I still have my job and most of my leave will be paid at some level. Plus, we have some savings set aside. We didn't want to use them, though, so hopefully my income will be sufficient for the time being. On the up side, he'll be around a lot more. I just hope that it won't distract him from being able to find a job and he'll be able to find one quickly! So do keep us in your thoughts and prayers that he will find a new job soon.

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