Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diapers and other thoughts

Well, it's been a rainy week here. I'm working from home now and I love it. We rearranged our house so the "office" is now in the living room facing the big window that looks outside. I love being able to see out, but all I've seen for a week now is clouds! I'm ready for some sun!

I scheduled our birthday party (Aaron's and mine) at a tikki bar at the end of February, so hopefully we'll be able to attend that. It's the weekend before the baby is due, so it really is cutting it close.

I was doing a cost analysis of cloth diapers today and I'm not totally convinced (like I was) that cloth diaper service is cheaper than doing my own laundry. At this point, I've made no real plans or arrangements to buy or launder my own diapers. But, even if I washed the diapers every 2-3 days in 2 cycles, it would still cost about half the price of diaper service, not including the cost of diapers, so I have no idea what I was thinking... I guess I'll have to take a look at it when the time gets closer and consider doing some diaper laundering ourselves...

And, I know I say this every time I write something on here, but the baby is getting HUGE! Seriously! Enormous! She is strong and now has less space. I can tell because she will just push against one side or move her elbow along my uterus or something rather than feel like she is totally changing positions. It's amazing and crazy at the same time. I continue to be impressed with how her movements change. She also consistently is pressing on some part of my belly most of the time. I guess she doesn't have much space in there and that's the best she can do to make the most of her space! And it continues to tickle/hurt/startle me when she makes her big movements. What fun! I'll really miss this when she comes out.

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