Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 31: The Baby is Taking Over my Thoughts!

I realized last night that pretty much every waking thought in my brain, when I'm not distracted with work or something else, is about the baby. All I want to do is talk about the baby, think about the baby, read about the baby, plan for the baby, feel the baby move, talk to the baby, and so on! When did I become baby crazy?!

We got back from the holidays on January 1, with no complications, which was great. I was still feeling a little cloudy because of my cold and I was concerned it would put a damper in my plans to rearrange the house for the baby. Turns out, it did, but only slightly. Since we had 2.5 days to move everything around, I was able to feel good enough for some part of each day that I could at least do some work. My husband helped out a great deal, doing some of the bigger tasks when I didn't feel up to it. And, we finally got everything in order! Our desk is now neatly organized in our living room and the 2nd bedroom is now a multipurpose guest room and baby area! We got rid of a large amount of extra furniture we didn't need and repurposed a few items to act as baby storage. We now have room for the baby and her stuff. Hooray!

Coming back to work wasn't as hard as I expected, because right off the bat, I was given a huge assignment that I have been focused on. But in my spare time, I'm starting to plan my maternity leave and it's coming up quick! At my latest appointment with my midwife I talked about the paperwork I needed to fill out for that and the pre-admission to the hospital, and I'm starting to be in total denial that I'm getting this close! In just a few weeks I will be considered "full term" which means I could give birth at any time and the baby wouldn't be premature. YIKES! I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet, even though I feel fairly prepared in my head, I'm a little shell shocked to be so close. Hopefully the next few weeks will allow me to get used to it.

The baby is head down right now, which is great! And, everything else is measuring right. So far, I've gained about 31 pounds, so I'm right on schedule. I would bet I'll gain 40 pounds by the end, but we shall see.

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